Are you investing in emerging markets?

Emerging Markets Investment Rewards Because emerging markets are so volatile, investors find that rewards outweigh risks. A typical example is China, where investors earned 46.27% in five years, while the Dow Jones returned only 1.2% in the same period. This difference in revenues between emerging and emerging markets can be seen globally. Thus, in general, […]

Get started with crypto

Investing in the Cryptocurrency market can be a little scary for a traditional investor, as investing directly in Cryptocurrency (CC) requires the use of new tools and the adoption of some new concepts. So, if you decide to dip your toes in this market, you will want to know very well what to do and […]

How to Manage Your Investment Holdings

The current uncertainty of the economy does not encourage investors. This downward investment trend can be observed in the last 5 years, when investments have slowed down with subscriptions on how to manage magazines in your investment holdings. Many investors are worried about investing their money in a volatile market now and then, here and […]

Investment 101: Risk Terminology – BETA

About thirty years ago, statisticians armed with all statistical theories began to confront financial markets. There are a number of useful tools that the average investor should be familiar with when they want to buy stocks. One secret that people “know” is “BETA”. Beta is a measure of how volatile the stock is relative to […]

Bitcoin is evolving against all odds

Since it is currently in vogue, I would like to announce next week that I am selling my cryptocurrency. Let’s call it kingcoin. Nah, this is very self-serving. What is “Muttcoin”? I’ve always had a soft spot for mixed sex. Yes, it’s perfect – everyone loves dogs. This will be the biggest thing since fidget […]

India’s Own Variability Index – NIFTY 50 VIX

What is variability? Volatility is the speed at which a certain security price moves. A high-volatility security has more price fluctuations than a low-volatility security. The faster the price changes up and down, the more variable it becomes. Thus, variability is often used as a measure of risk. In general, a part is said to […]