Advantages and disadvantages of Online Futures Trading

In recent years, online commerce has gained great popularity in Malaysia. It started with securities and stock trading with local banks. Now, Bursa Malaysia has also opened its doors for individuals to trade derivatives such as futures and options online.
Currently, with the online platform, traders and investors can not only gain access to Bursa Malaysian derivatives, but also trade marine derivatives on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which has the world’s largest options and futures contracts. Partnership announcement between Bursa Derivatives Bhd and CME Group Inc. in September 2009.
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Individual traders and investors now have the option to trade derivatives and commodities on their own or to go through brokers.
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There are several advantages and disadvantages to online trading.


Cheaper commission prices

As there is no average person to hire, there are no additional fees for services for brokers. You only need to pay a minimum commission to use the online trading program.

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Instant access

Online shopping will give you instant access, because you will place your order yourself. This allows you to move price action immediately and take advantage of market volatility, which is especially important in derivatives and commodity markets.
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While online trading gives you flexibility, there are downsides and drawbacks to online trading.


No Expert Opinion

Trading also means that you will only rely on your own decision about the markets you have to make mistakes. Having an experienced broker will give you confidence, because the job of a broker is to read and stay close to the market in addition to the constant news that will affect the market.
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There is no exit plan

Another disadvantage is that no one will want you to resign, either to make a profit or to reduce your losses. As human beings, we can sometimes trade emotionally, and this can distort judgments and the rationality of investments, regardless of strategies. Having a mediator will help reduce or eliminate emotional trading.
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Whether or not you trade online depends on your level of experience. It also depends on the support of the broker. Some brokerage firms offer additional services to clients, such as training courses, so that traders can trade confidently and comfortably.
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